Why is this veterinary medicinal product not available?

The veterinary medicinal product you were looking for is not allowed to be sold by Pharmacy4pets. Why is that?

Pharmacy4pets is a online animal pharmacy, located in The Netherlands. That is why we are bound by European and Dutch legislation with regard to sales of veterinary medicines.

In the Netherlands, each veterinary medicinal product is given a status that indicates who may sell and use the product. The product you were looking for, has the UDD status in the Netherlands. The UDD status means that this product may only be sold and used by veterinarians, and may not be sold online. The purpose of this is to guarantee animal safety and to prevent resistance in the case of antibiotics.

Examples of Dutch UDD veterinary medicinal products are:

  • Antibiotics and antibiotics-containing products such as certain types of ear ointments
  • Most injectables
  • Vaccines

Consult your veterinarian for more information about the product you were looking for.