Cat food

Due to the increasing knowledge about the nutritional needs of cats, the quality of cat food has greatly improved in recent decades. The choices are vast. Most cats receive both dry kibble and wet food, and there are reasons to consider both. The best food choice varies from cat to cat and by life stage. At Pharmacy4pets, you will find cat food from Sanimed, a Dutch quality brand developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ir. Anton Beynen, an authority in the field of animal nutrition. Sanimed is 100% natural and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

How do I choose the right food for my cat?

The food should match your cat's life stage. Specialized diets can also support your cat in various health issues. No two cats are the same, so why feed them the same way?

Food for a Healthy Cat

A kitten is in full growth, and its muscles, bones, organs, and immune system need to develop. During growth, the requirements for nutrients like protein, calcium, and phosphorus are different from those of adult or older cats, so specialized kitten food is essential. Sanimed Kitten takes into account the development of your little bundle of energy.

For your healthy adult cat, Sanimed Adult dry kibble is suitable; it is complete food that helps your cat stay healthy and fit.

The protein and phosphorus levels in Sanimed Senior are adjusted to support the kidneys of your older cat. Extra omega-3 fatty acids help keep the joints flexible.

Dietary Food for Your Cat

Nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting healthy bodily functions. For various conditions, dietary food can be a vital part of the approach. Sanimed offers specialized diets that support various organ systems. There is hypoallergenic cat food to reduce intolerances to specific ingredients and/or nutrients.

Bladder stones are a common problem in cats, and many factors contribute to their formation: overweight, inadequate hydration, stress, and diet. Special 'Urinary' dietary food like Sanimed Anti-Struvite helps dissolve and prevent struvite stones and crystals.

Approximately 30% of older cats develop chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be cured. However, the primary measure to slow down the progression is adjusting the diet by switching to Sanimed Renal.

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