Medication | Supplements

A supplement naturally supports your horse or pony with extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals in situations that require it:

  • If your horse gets a good quality concentrate, your horse or pony already receives many important nutrients. At times, however, the body has a higher need for certain substances and a supplement can offer your horse the right extras. For example during recovery after an illness or in a period of intensive training.
  • If your horse or pony is only fed roughage, the composition can vary considerably. Supplements can help to meet the horse's basic needs.

Which supplement is best for my horse?

As an online animal pharmacy, we are happy to help you find the right supplement for your horse or pony. Below you can read for a number of situations which supplements may be useful. How long a supplement may or must be given to have an effect is different for each supplement. Read this carefully before use and if in doubt, consult your vet. We also recommend to consult your vet if you want to combine multiple supplements.

A supplement for your horse’s general condition

To support the general condition and to supplement any shortages in the basic nutrition, you can feed your horse a supplement with multiple vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as Equistro Mega Base and Equitop Forte. These supplements are also suitable as extra support for sport horses, brood mares and breeding stallions.

A coat, skin and hoof supplement for your horse

To improve the quality of the coat, skin and hooves, you can give your horse the Equistro Kerabol supplement. This contains biotin, zinc and manganese for a healthy skin and shiny coat. This horse supplement makes crumbling, brittle hooves more elastic and supple. It can be continuously given through the food.

Muscle supplements for horses

  • If your horse is or will be intensively trained, muscle building supplements with proteins and amino acids, like Equitop Myoplast and Equistro Myo Power can be helpful.
  • For supple muscles with good endurance and protection against muscle damage, you can supplement your horse with antioxidants, vitamin E and / or selenium, such as Equistro Excell E. The supplement Equistro Triforce combines amino acids and antioxidants, to support both muscle building and muscle function.
  • Sufficient sulfur is also important to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments flexible and healthy. Sulfur is not always sufficient in concentrate and not every horse grazes regularly in the pasture, so a shortage can occur. You can supplement your horse with MSM, such as Synovium MSM Pure, which contains sulfur in a form that is easily usable for the body.

Electrolytes for horses

Heavy training costs your horse a lot of energy. In addition, through perspiration the horse loses important salts, so-called electrolytes. A supplement can help your horse to recover quickly after training.

Equistro Energy Booster is a concentrated paste that quickly provides your horse with the necessary electrolytes and energy after a training. Another horse supplement for this purpose is, The Equistro Electrolyte-7 supplement, which can be given for up to three consecutive days to replenish the loss of electrolytes. This supplement can also be given for sweating due to fever or loss of fluid due to gastrointestinal disorders.

Calming supplements for horses

Magnesium is important for proper muscle and nerve function. Deficiency can manifest as nervousness and an inability of the muscles to relax. A supplement with magnesium for horses such as Equistro Betamag Forte Liquid or Synovium Mgnium can help with this.

Ulcer supplements for horses

A stressed horse is more likely to develop an ulcer. In combination with the right nutrition and care, Equitop Pronutrin supports the function of the gastric mucosa. This supplement can also be given preventively during stressful periods such as during transport.

Gut balancer for horses

Equine probiotics also belong to the dietary supplements, although they do not contain nutrients but good bacteria. Probiotics such as PUUR Probiotic and Bene-Bac Plus Equine can be useful after deworming or treatment with antibiotics. Horses can also benefit from probiotics during heavy training and transport.