Medication | Supplements

A supplement supports your dog in a natural way. A supplement is not a medicine but contains extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals or herbs to give in addition to the normal diet of your dog. Although quality pet food is generally well balanced, in some situations your dog might need some extra’s.

Which supplement is best for my dog?

Choosing the right supplement from the wide range available is not easy. It is always good to consult your vet about this. As an online animal pharmacy, we are happy to provide some guidelines and to explain which supplements are available for which condition.

A number of factors are important in choosing a supplement:

  1. The condition or problem: Each organ system works differently and has specific nutritional needs to function optimally. That is why supplements have been developed for specific organs and conditions, to provide the right nutritional support.
  2. How the supplement is administered: For many conditions and situations, multiple supplements and methods of administration are available. Supplements can be given as tablets or capsules, for example. Other supplements are administered as a paste or liquid, directly into the mouth or through the food. Finally, powder supplements can be added to your dogs food. So it is often possible to find an easy to give supplement for your dog.
  3. Other conditions and medication: Some supplements do not go well with other conditions or medicines. We state this on our website for supplements of which this is known. Furthermore we advise you to read the instructions carefully before use, to check when the product should not be used. When in doubt, always consult your vet.

Joint supplements for dogs

If your dog has joint problems, this can eventually lead to wear and tear of the cartilage that covers the various bone parts in a joint. This process, also known as osteoarthritis, cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is important to keep the cartilage still present in the best possible condition. That will help your dog move as smoothly as possible and prevent worse.

For this reason, joint supplements for dogs contain the right nutrients to build and preserve cartilage. Seraquin Omega and Flexadin are well-known joint supplements with these nutrients and essential omega-3 fatty acids that are scientifically proven to support dogs with osteoarthritis. If moving becomes painful for your dog, Iso-Joint +Acute with natural analgesics can be a good choice.

Joint supplements can significantly reduce the complaints associated with joint problems, such as stiffness when standing up. In a more advanced stage of osteoarthritis, dogs that are given supplements often require less painkillers.

Dog supplements for skin and coat

If your dog has skin or coat problems, it is important to find out what causes these problems. Coat and skin problems are often caused by other problems such as fleas or other parasites, an allergy or autoimmune disease.

Therefore, eliminating the cause will resolve your dog's coat and skin problems best. Your vet can help to check and rule out the causes of skin problems step by step.

In addition to ruling out and tackling the causes, nutritional supplements help to restore the skin and coat to a good condition. PUUR Skin - Cteno is a liquid herbal supplement that can relief skin problems caused by fleas (besides flea treatment). For allergy problems, Viacutan Plus capsules or the liquid supplement Megaderm provide good support, in addition to treating the cause of the allergy. These supplements contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that have an anti-inflammatory effect and help to repair the skin barrier.

For any skin problem, it is wise to keep your dog free from fleas to create no extra reason for scratching.

Calming supplements for dogs

Natural calming supplements for dogs have a calming effect without sedation. They can be used in situations of anxiety or stress, such as moving away, staying home alone, visiting a vet and fear of fireworks. Such dietary supplements can also be a good addition to behavioral therapy. It differs per supplement how quickly it has effect and how long it can be used, read this carefully before your purchase.

For temporary stress and anxiety, for example thunderstorms or a visit to the vet, Adaptil spray, collar or tablets are perfect. For puppies an Adaptil junior collar can be helpful. During a longer period of stress or in combination with behavior therapy, Zylkène can be ideal.

If calming supplements do not have enough effect on your dog, your vet may prescribe medications for anxiety and stress.

Supplements and probiotics for dogs with diarrhea or constipation

In case of gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea or constipation, nutritional supplements and probiotics can bring your dog’s intestines back in balance. However, consult your vet if your dog quickly gets sicker or is not okay within a few days.

In case of acute diarrhea, feed your dog smaller portions of food, several times a day. For extra support, Canikur Pro or Kaopectate can be used to calm the bowels. To (re)balance the intestinal flora, pre- and probiotics like Protexin Synbiotic D-C can be used.

For dogs with constipation, Laxatract syrup has a laxative and probiotic effect. Iso-Gel is a natural product that helps dogs with diarrhea, as well as dogs with constipation. It can be used for puppies and adult dogs.

Kidney and bladder support for dogs

If your dog has urinary problems, it is wise to contact your vet and have your dog's urine tested. A bladder infection can have various causes that also require specific treatment, such as bacteria and different types of bladder stones. Food supplements such as PUUR Cranberry and PUUR Urogeni can help with recovery and can also be given preventively.

In dogs with kidney failure (diagnosed by the veterinarian), the kidneys can no longer optimally rid the body of waste products. Therefore a kidney diet is advised for these dogs, which is specifically balanced to spare the kidneys. In addition to diet food, Ipakitine or Pronefra can be given to prevent additional kidney damage.

Liver supplements for dogs

For dogs with liver problems, a specific liver diet is advised to spare the liver as much as possible. In addition, the supplement Zentonyl Advanced can be given. Zentonyl Advanced tasty tablets support liver function and help prevent further liver damage. Another supplement with this effect is Silycure.