Does my dog suffer from biting insects?

Biting insects (mosquitos and sand flies) only cause problems in dogs when they transmit diseases. The bite itself usually causes little discomfort, at most some irritation or itching. If you live in southern Europe or if you take your dog on holiday to southern Europe, then it’s very important to protect your dog against biting insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies.

Which biting insects can transmit diseases to dogs?

Biting insects such as mosquitoes and sand flies can transmit diseases to your dog in areas where these diseases are endemic. Mosquitoes can transmit the dangerous heartworm (Dirofilaria) to dogs and sand flies may transmit Leishmania to dogs.

Should I treat my dog against biting insects?

If you take your dog to an area where Leishmania or heartworm is endemic, it is recommended that you treat as a preventive measure against these biting insects. Products that you can use are:
1) Scalibor protector band (provides up to 6 months protection against sand flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas)
2) Advantix pipettes (offers 4 weeks protection against sand flies, mosquitoes, stable flies, ticks and fleas)

In addition to the use of products against biting insects it’s recommended to treat your dog with Milbemax when you live in/go to an area where heartworm is endemic.