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Milpro dog

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Milpro dog

Quick Overview

Milpro is a broad spectrum wormer for dogs and cats, are safe to use and effective against the most types of worms. Besides that Milpro tablets are very tasty and for the puppy/small dog the tablets are divisible so they are easy to administer. Pet owners are very positive about the size and shape of the tablet.

Milpro contains as active substances praziquantel and milbemycin. Milbemycin is active against roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and can also be used to prevent heartworms. Heartworm infections are common in southern and eastern Europe and are transmitted by mosquitoes infected with larvae. Praziquantel is effective in infection with tapeworms, including the fox tapeworm.

A good worming in dogs and cats is very important. Worms can cause physical symptoms in dogs and cats. Furthermore some types of worms, by which the dog or cat is infected, can also infect humans!

Due to the health risks to animals and humans is the prevention of a worm infection of great importance. Proper and regular worming of dogs and cats is crucial!

Depending on the body weight of the dog, the practical dosage is as follows:


Body weight
Milpro tablets for small dogs and puppies
Milpro tablets for large dogs
 ½ -1 kg ½ tablet  
 >1-5 kg 1 tablet  
 >5-10 kg 2 tablets 1 tablet
 >10-25 kg   1 tablet
 >25-50 kg   2 tablets
 >50-75 kg   3 tablets
Product name Price Qty
Milpro small dog and puppy 0,5-10 kg | 4 tablets
Milpro small dog and puppy 0,5-10 kg | 24 tablets
Milpro dog ≥5 kg | 4 tablets
Milpro dog ≥5 kg | 48 tablets


Milpro dog

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Additional Information

Animal Dog, Puppy
Prescription required Netherlands No
Prescription required Germany Yes
Prescription required France Yes
Prescription required Spain Yes
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