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Dronspot cat

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Dronspot cat

Quick Overview

Dronspot spot-on worm treatment for cats fights worms with one cat-friendly treatment. Dronspot works against roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms, but also works against various stages of the Toxocara roundworm.

By using the pipette, the liquid can be applied to the skin on the neck and absorbed through the skin into the body. A quick and easy solution for cats that are difficult to deworm with a tablet!

Dronspot contains the active ingredients Emodepside (works against all roundworms) and Prazi quantel (works against all tapeworms). These are the same active ingredients as in Profender for cats. Dronspot is therefore the free alternative to Profender for cats.

Dronspot can be used from 8 weeks and 0.5 kg body weight and is safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

Product name Price Qty
Dronspot small cat> 0.5kg-2.5kg (30 mg/7.5mg) | 2 pipettes
Dronspot medium cat >2.5 kg-5 kg (60 mg/15 mg) | 2 pipettes
Dronspot large cat >5 kg-8 kg (96 mg/24 mg) | 2 pipettes


Dronspot cat

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Animal (owner) Cat
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